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The New York Summit at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York 23 September 2014

The Clinton Global Initiative and the Varkey Foundation hosted a dinner and panel discussion for Business Backs Education. After opening remarks from Vikas Pota, Chief Executive, The Varkey Foundation; the questions specifically discussed by the panel were:

  1. Philanthropy – what is the role of personal philanthropy in this arena? Sustainability, one individual? Where is the Bill Gates of Education?
  2. What can businesses do to improve relevance for employability at scale  – local/global?
  3. What’s are the main obstacles to greater business support to education and how can they be overcome/ What change is necessary?

The panellists were:
Hugh Grant, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Monsanto;
Tony James, President and Chief Operating Officer, Blackstone;
Hans Vestberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ericsson;
Antony Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Barclays.

The discussion was moderated by Fareed Zakaria, Host, CNN and Panellists were encouraged to use examples from their own experiences as to how they have effectively/ineffectively donated in the past and where opportunities lie to increase CSR spend in education and specifically in areas of greatest need.

We wanted the discussion to be about highlighting the gap between current private sector engagement and actual need, and to get in to the details of what mechanisms can fully integrate the private sector into supporting public education systems better.

Photographs from the New York summit